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Move Over Its the Law!

Thanks to the Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization for making this great PSA, share this and their other great PSA’s with your friends!


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Wreckmaster Training

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Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Awareness Course
(register by May 31)


 At the April INtime meeting, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health gave a presentation for handling livestock in the case of an accident. Please review the Standard Operating Guidelines for Handling Livestock presented at the meeting. If you would like to continue education on this subject please sign up for the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Awareness Course happening June 25th and 26th. 


FAST Act and Towing Rotation Rates & Electronic Logging Devices

How will these affect our industry?

CLICK HERE for the McGovern Law Firm letter explaining the change

CLICK HERE for the TRAA analysis of rule

CLICK HERE for the rule



BMV Mechanic Lien Packet: Click Here

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A clip from the Friday night Light Show

For more information about spill management from IDEM click on one of the following links.  Spill Guide and Salvage Manual. Di