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House Bill 1352

HERE is a “marked up” copy of House Bill 1352 modeled after NCOIL. Please review the document.

Updated as of January 26, 2018

Legislative Reports

Click HERE to track the legislative reports

Legislative Update Jan. 15, 2018


As we assumed, there was legislation filed by Rep Mahan – HB 1352 – that is modeled after the NCOIL language. Rep Mahan plans on taking our comments that we provided to NCOIL on the legislation and making changes – however – these changes are not incorporated into the introduced version. We plan to sit down at some point this week to discuss what changes he is planning on making. After we meet, we will keep you informed.  


On the positive, Rep Bob Morris has introduced legislation – HB 1429 – that would penalize drivers who abandon their vehicles.


Both of these bills have been assigned to the House Roads and Transportation Committee. If your legislator is on the committee or if their legislative districts are close, please contact them and express your opinion. Please personalize the following points as legislators will discount form letters or calls.


HB 1352 – Talking Points

  • Safety issues with photo and invoicing requirements
  • Mandate to accepting credit cards – people will dispute charges after car is released
  • No way to know if a vehicle is a corporation
  • How do we know if insurance is in place – no real time mechanism

HB 1429 – Talking Points

  • How many cars do you tow that get abandoned and you don’t get paid
  • Costs that you have – towing car – mechanic lien process – towing car to scrap yard – value of cars that get abandoned

Please be courteous to the staff person answering the call. There are almost 1,000 bills filed and there is a good chance that they are not aware of the legislation. Please offer to be of assistance as the legislation moves forward.  



Please click on the links above for details on HB 1352 and HB 1429. Click HERE for a listing of Legislators assigned to those bills and their contact information.   



2017-2018 Membership Directory

You can find a copy of the 2017-2018 Membership Directory HERE

Draft Towing Regulations

The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) is comprised of legislators from around the country that serve on their insurance committees.  They propose legislation that can be used as a model on a variety of insurance topics.  One of the working drafts they are currently working on is titled “Model Consumer Protecting Towing Act” and it is being drafted by Rep Matt Lehman from Berne, IN.


Rep Lehman owns an insurance agency and has dealt with some questionable towing bills that have come across his desk over the years.  He also had a constituent have a bad experience recently.  ITWA contacted Rep. Lehman and he is willing to listen to our concerns and is open to making changes.  He wants to have common sense regulation.


Please review the draft legislation and let ITWA know your thoughts – what do you agree with – what do you disagree with – what changes would you make?  ITWA expects him to file legislation and that it has a good chance of receiving a hearing.


Please let ITWA know your thoughts by September 1 so that we have them compiled prior to our meeting with him in mid-September.

Wireless Tow Lights

During the Chapter meeting in Seymour, the question was raised if wireless tow lights meet code.  Please click HERE to see the regulation. Thanks to Mickey Hercamp for forwarding the information.

Model Consumer Protecting Towing Act

Auto Dealer Services Division

The Auto Dealer Services Division’s proposed rules and the Motor Vehicle Advisory Board reviewed them last year.  Attached please find the current version of the Proposed rules.  Once the above changes are finalized, The Secretary of State we will be holding another public hearing and re-opening the public comment period. You are welcome to make any comments and they can be submitted electronically to Senior Counsel, Rachael Ehlich, at  They can also be submitted by mail to:


Rachael Ehlich

Auto Dealer Services Division

302 W. Washington St. Room E-111

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Chapter 1 Indiana State Police ELD Handout

During Chapter 1 Fall Meeting ISP shared a HANDOUT of the ELD Mandate for the Towing Industry

BMV Mechanic’s Lien Information

Below are the three forms that will be used for tows on or after July 1st, 2017 

Abandoned Vehicles – Mechanic’s Lien for Vehicles Valued under $3,500Click Here

Abandoned Vehicles – Mechanic’s Lien for Vehicles Valued at more than $3,500Click Here

Mechanic’s Lien for Labor, Materials, Storage or Repair Work: Click Here


Old BMV Mechanic’s Lien Packet for vehicles towed between January 1st and June 30th, 2017Click Here

BMV follow up from Owner’s Forum

At the Owner’s forum, BMV attended and members had several questions. Please see the answers that BMV has provided HERE

Special thanks to Keri Washabaugh from BMV for tracking down the answers.

How to find your Legislator

Simply provide your address and the legislature’s site will provide you with a list of all your legislators. Please use your personal and business address as you may be covered by multiple legislators who represent you. Everyone will have at least one member in the Senate and one in the House.

2017 Legislation


HB 1511 has passed and been signed by Governor Holcomb! Read our detailed breakdown HERE

Click Here for a copy of HB 1511

Click Here for a complete list of tracked bills

ITWA Moves an IndyCar


 How do you get an IndyCar into the airport? Through the front door or course. ITWA with the help of Cook’s Towing Service Inc. was proud to help move an IndyCar used to celebrate the inauguration of Eric Holcomb and his alma mater, Hanover College, to its new location at the Indianapolis International Airport!

Towing an IndyCar video

The Indiana State Police have developed a “Daily Crash Prediction Map” that uses factors including time, weather and traffic to predict accident locations. This could be a very valuable tool for our tow truck drivers; take a look at the map below.

Daily Crash Prediction Map




Indiana State Police: District 52 Tow Rotation Application

Move Over Indiana!

ITWA has started a new campaign to raise awareness of a little-known Indiana law. If you are driving and see a tow truck pulled off to the side of the road with lights on, you MUST move to the far lane, or if that’s not possible, slow down significantly. Let’s spread awareness to keep our tow truck drivers safe!


Helping out with the cause is easy. Just visit, like and SHARE our facebook page about the campaign, and feel free to share any personal stories or messages there. We are also looking for more content for the page- send us a message with any news articles or ideas. Thank you!


Thanks to the Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization for making this great PSA, share this and their other great PSA’s with your friends!


FAST Act and Towing Rotation Rates & Electronic Logging Devices

How will these affect our industry?

CLICK HERE for the McGovern Law Firm letter explaining the change

CLICK HERE for the TRAA analysis of rule

CLICK HERE for the rule





If you would like to attend an IN-Time class please click here for registration information.



A clip from the Friday night Light Show

For more information about spill management from IDEM click on one of the following links.  Spill Guide and Salvage Manual. Di


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