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The Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association is the only association in the State that speaks for the towing industry.  ITWA has represented the towing industry in issues that impact your day to day operations since 1969.

Did you know that in 2008 Legislation was introduced that would have required the Attorney General’s Office to adopt regulations setting a maximum cost for towing services. This legislation was introduced at the request of the Indiana Insurance Institute to attempt to control our costs without concern about the effect on the towing industry. Because of the successful legislative activity by Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association this legislation was withdrawn. Would you have been able, or willing, to continue operation with uniform rates across that state set by the State?

Did you know that in 2008 legislation was introduced to license towing companies through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and would have required that they be licensed as a salvage yard if they have a storage lot?  A survey of membership indicated that many companies could not meet the zoning requirement to be s a salvage yard therefore companies could be forced to either close their  doors or seek a new location with proper zoning. The legislation was withdrawn by the author and of Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association was the only group present to protect your interests. Would you have been able to maintain your business as a licensed salvage yard if this legislation had passed?

Did you know that in 2009 the Insurance Institute was able to have an amendment  drafted that would require tow companies to release vehicles without first receiving payment whenever a third party was responsible for payment.  ITWA members were once again mobilized and the amendment was withdrawn. However, ITWA continued to monitor legislation to ensure that this amendment was not attached to other legislation during the 2009 session. Could your business continue if you were required to release vehicles without payment and then file suit for payment?

In 2010-11 three changes have taken place in the way the Indiana Towing Industry process vehicles. Have you had the information in a timely manner to keep up with these changes? How were you notified that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles had eliminated the junking option on August 20, 2010? How did you get a copy of the new Abandoned Junk Vehicle Requirements and Procedures?  ITWA was there to represent not only our membership but the Indiana towing industry, to distribute the new procedures and to answer member questions.

How were you notified that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles had revised the mechanic’s lien application and document requirements on December 27, 2010?  Did you get a copy of the new procedure?  ITWA was there to represent all Indiana towing companies in the discussion.  In reviewing the new policy, ITWA determined that the 7% use tax of the purchase price of a mechanics lien vehicle had been changed to 7% of the advertised price.  ITWA researched the statute and previous rules and presented the evidence to IBMV resulting in the policy reverting back to the 7% of the purchase price, thereby, saving you money!.Were you notified that a federal rule under the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System Act has been clarified to include towing companies in the reporting requirements for certain vehicles on January 27, 2011.  The clarification may mean that towing companies will be forced to report beginning March 2009 when the federal rule was enacted.   The civil penalty for failure to report is $1,000. per vehicle.  ITWA continues to work with our attorney on the details available only to ITWA members.

In order to protect the future, not only of the members of ITWA but the entire Indiana towing industry, the ITWA Directors have contracted with John Frick and Associates to represent our interest at the Indiana General Assembly.  We believe that by having not only our grass roots organization but  also the daily presence of a lobbyist watching for any legislation that is not in the best interest of the towing industry we have somewhat leveled the playing field.


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