The Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association (ITWA) will be hosting an Owners’ Forum at the Renaissance Hotel in Carmel, IN on August 11th and 12th.   The Forum is geared towards owners and key employees and the weekend is a combination of strategic planning and relaxation.  As the owner of any business, we get caught up in the day to day and forget to take time to look and plan ahead.  We also forget time to slow down and enjoy life.  The Renaissance hotel is highly rated and near area attractions.

The speakers for this weekend come from Towing Solutions & Consultants (TSC) out of Dayton, OH. TSC is known for helping the towing industry find workable and results-driven solutions that directly impact a towing company’s bottom line and position it for future success and sustained growth. TSC has presented at Tow Shows across the country including the Florida and Tennessee Tow Show. ITWA is excited to bring these presenters to Indiana!

Whether you are thinking about getting out of the business or if you just got in the business, this weekend is for you.  If you are exiting the business or new to the business trying to establish credit, you will need to know what your business is worth.  In determining what your business is worth, you will need to know your assets and profits the company makes.  To get a better idea of your profits, you will need to know your income and expenses.    The sessions are all intertwined.




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